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Explorer Rest & Recreation June 9 Update

Sorry for the delay in posts! We have been very busy on the site as many have seen and commented publicly. We appreciate all the support from Sandusky folks commenting on social and giving kudos to the construction team. They have rocked and we are super blessed to have such a nice product coming along. In the past several weeks, we have added substantial amount of labor including Dusty Boldman and his drywall team. We also had a major milestone with our new sign that was co-designed by Brady Signs and Richardson Design. If you have not seen it, we will give you a sneak peak, but must say it’s even better in person.!

We said goodbye to a few things! Above is a shot of the plumbing that was under the hood. Long story short, it was not in great shape, and we had to replace a lot of studs and sills. Here are some other things we said bye to in May.

As we were sad to say goodbye to some things (Many local memories at the Mecca), we were happy to say hello to some new things that freshen up the property and will shape its identity moving forward. In the last month, we have freshened up our exterior with some new siding, strengthened our sound barrier with new doors and windows, given the interiors some new drywall, lipstick and door/window casing and erected a new identity, Explorer Rest & Recreation. I almost forgot; we also began shaping the food truck park! Here are some images of some of the major milestones listed above.

We should have some exciting news soon on opening some of this amazing property. S & H Blind & Floors came in big time for some flooring that we will show you in the next blog post! As always, we are so lucky to have a great local contractor group that has been pushing this along. We will send you off with shots from Grant Puckrin and the 19th UAS Precision team. Thank you all for the efforts!

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